About Us

Human Design was founded with a vision for a better kind of shopping experience. An experience that felt positive, supportive and impactful.

Human Design created by Gabriella Gordillo committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion. Has greatly considered the growing affect of fashion on the environment. Since a young girl she was always interested in helping and serving others through a creative approach. Through her years in the fashion industry she has continued to find ways to marry design with environmental and social good causes.

I want Human Design to be a place where you could feel good shopping. Knowing your spending your money on products with low environmental impact. Sharing the same joy and happiness you feel when wearing one of my products with someone who needs that support and kindness. We are about thinking bigger then ourself, practicing kindness and love towards the world and the people in it. Were not promising quick fixes but everyday with your support we are able to do more good together. It’s time to take your buying power back and spread love.

— Gabriella Founder & CEO

— Shop Consciously

Eco-Friendly cello bags made exclusively from 100% compostable materials

Packaging is made with certified compostable, marine biodegradable films. They meet FDA requirements. Bag structure is made using 100% certified compostable, marine – degradable non-GMO films. FSC Certified wood-based Bioplastic.

The compostable films used to produce our cello bags are derived from sustainable wood pulp. In support of regenerative agriculture practices, the films used to manufacture the bags are 100% compostable, marine bio degradable, vegan, and non-GMO. The films do not contain any bisphenol (including BPA and over a dozen other derivatives), and are free of phthalates.

Our Wood-based BioFilm is made of 97% non-GMO biomass! The bioplastic material is made from FSC-certified wood cellulose fibers sourced using sustainable forestry principles, the best alternative to non-GMO PLA. The films used to produce these bags are 97% renewable content (ASTM D6866 Carbon Testing) and meet the European EN 13432 and American ASTM D6400
composting norms for CA and other states. Marine biodegradable in accordance with ASTM D6691-09. Complies with FDA regulations for food packaging.